You are my Kryptonite !

The Girl.

You might have heard of Superman, the man of steel. Though to call him a ‘man’ would be a fallacy. He is God! But you are a girl and don’t seem to be quite a nerdy one too. So we will let that discussion be. As I was saying, Superman is called the man of steel because nothing can hurt him. No bullets, no knives. He is the fastest & strongest on Earth! Hell, no one has ever seen him bleed! He is undefeated and invulnerable.

His powers come from the fact that he is not an earthling. He hails from the planet Krypton which got destroyed years ago. He is now the last of his kind. His different molecular density and exposure to a higher gravity in his infancy grant him the tremendous powers that he has. His Kryptonian roots give him that power. But even he has a weakness….it’s called Kryptonite, a shard from his planet’s core. When exposed to it, he loses his powers, his confidence, and his life. Kryptonite makes Superman vulnerable. It makes him ‘human’.

So, should Superman love his planet for granting him such divine powers? Or should he hate it, for eventually, that shall become his ultimate redeemer!
Should he value the opportunity it gives him to help people? Or should he detest the vulnerabilities it grants?

I have always asked this question to myself and to those around me.

Does Kryptonite defeat Superman or does it actually make him a winner?

I was living a perfect life before THE day. Full of power, full of confidence, full of life. I was my world’s Superman, undefeated and invulnerable. Before THE day you laid your eyes on me. Before THE day I realised, YOU ARE MY KRYPTONITE!
Let me explain…
The moment you laid your eyes on me, all my power, my confidence and my life seemed to be vanishing away! You didn’t notice, but I would have fallen down awestruck had it not been for the wall’s support! I had never felt so close to my heart stop its beating. And yet I had never felt so alive, with emotions! You see, I call you my Kryptonite as you take my powers away! I came up to you to talk to you and I ate my own words. This is a first. Words are my best friends. They have never let me down. But your eyes, they did to me, what has never happened before! So many thoughts in my head alive with auguries of shared emotions and such few words to let them successfully describe! Your mere presence shook away the cobwebs of writer’s block off of me and yet my words didn’t dare come out in your pious presence! They felt naked, just like Adam did before God after he had sinned. Just like I felt naked before you, having sinned by the sundry thoughts of making you mine!
You gave life to my long doused thoughts of passion and dissuaded my aimless brio of words from their wanton path.
Even without yourself knowing, you did what none other could do….

You see, just like Kryptonite takes away Superman’s powers; it also reminds him of his true origin. Of his real purpose. In those few moments of exposure to Kryptonite, without the powers he is so used to, he might feel so close to death, but he is also reminded that he is defeatable. It reminds him to value what he has. It reminds him of a home once, now lost. It reminds him to value life. Kryptonite makes him a better ‘man’

And that is exactly what you did that day. When I saw you, I realised all that I had been missing in life. Of where I had been going wrong. Of how I had taken my existence and words for granted. Your mere presence around me for those few seconds made me realise what I hadn’t since years of menial existence. A passing gaze of your eyes and I was made a better man. You are my Kryptonite,  you have got me back home…

I had felt I was the ruler of my world, my world’s Superman. Then you came and won my heart away. And under your sweet dominion of my heart, I have found myself… I have found love….


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