Valentine Moon

Not everyone is lucky to be with the person they love on Valentine’s Day. Does the moon offer any solace?

… And tomorrow is a day they will
Celebrate with love and joy
And both of us will be apart
A little busy, a little coy

And when they sit In the candle light
And when they sip a glass of wine
You will be at your place
And i will be sitting at mine

And when they order the finest teal
And with it eat the cheesiest bread
You there will be watching ‘You’
And i will watch ‘the walking dead’

… And when they talk with loved filled eyes
And every blink brings out a smile
You and I will be away
Separated by words and miles…

But when they look at each other’s eyes
And when they find a love filled swoon
That my love, will be the same
When you and I look at the moon


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