Unrequited Love



Unrequited love, the name says it all. Is there anything more heartbreaking than to be left alone by those, whom we gave away our heart to?


Quietly she sits in longing,
Quietly she sits in wait.
Where is she to venture from here,
Who is she to tempt her fate?

Minutes seem to pass like hours,
Hours seem to pass like days.
Still she sits here waiting for him,
She’s left her life in many ways.

Darkness soon starts to surround her,
Daylight is fading fast.
Not believing he isn’t coming,
She clings only to the past.

Its been long since he has left her,
Still she sits and waits for him.
Watches as the night surrounds her,
Waits as the daylight grows dim.

In her mind, she sees him with her,
Dressed up in his suit of black.
This is love so unrequited,
She can’t see he won’t be back.

So the woman waits in silence,
Spends her final days this way.
While the man sits with his family,
Watching his kids at play.

Promises he once had told her,
Long forgotten in the past.
Still she waits, for she believed him,
When he said their love would last.

She spends days recalling memories,
While pictures of them hang above,
Is there no such sadder story…
Than that of unrequited love.


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