This Lovely Vision

At times, a vision etches itself so deep into your mind, that all you can do is think and dream and write about it. What happens when this vision becomes the very thing you live for…? 

While sketching at the sea one day
Breathtaking beauty, golden tan
Asked to see what I was drawing
And stood with me upon the sand

As if she came from out the sea
From nowhere did she seem to come
My heart was beating like a drum
So seldom can such beauty be

Her name was naught & yet we talked
We seemed to find a common bond
Quite near the foam & spray we walked
Her voice like ripples on a pond

Barely was she clothed at all
Her body like you see in dreams
Her eyes are what I really saw
She’s still a part of me it seems

Her eyes, sweet dew reflecting light
Such peace conveyed within their gaze
More lovely than the stars of night
I became lost in them, much like a maze

More like a vision, so much like art
Her voice like softly dripping rain
If I closed my eyes would she still be there?
Is this a dream, am I still sane?

Our shadows lengthened as we walked
And as we talked of many things
The sun now changed its shift with night
We spoke of long forgotten dreams

As darkness fell we each held hands
So not to lose each in the night
Her touch like silk against my skin
Her fragrance was so much like sight

A little longer did we stroll
With hand in hand along the shore
She’s now embedded in my soul
Oh how we longed for so much more

But part we had to and I miss
This lovely vision now since gone
I never touched her lips to kiss
Though in my heart she lives in song


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