The newspaper test

Needs and wants can bring about the worst of man. And the MBA life is full of those needs and wants — The incessant need to flourish; The insatiable want to achieve more. And as every road has impediments, this road of needs and wants is usually riddled with the impediments of your ideals and principles.

You realise pretty early in a business school that cutting corners makes you faster. Bad-mouthing earns you more friends. Free-riding gets you free marks.  .. The list goes on and on. What starts off as a simple attraction, starts becoming a need. The need to finish assignments faster. The need for having more ‘friends’. And every time you move down that path, you kill your ideals, you destroy your principles. And every time you do that, you tell yourself – it is not just me; it is how everyone is doing it.

I believe that we humans in our basest forms are a principled and idealistic species. But as we grow, we stop looking inward and only judge ourselves from the world outside. And no matter what you do, no matter what you achieve, no matter how much you win, happiness only ever comes when you sit down on the porch after a hard day’s work knowing that you lived the day with your ideals and principles intact and you won the day by not breaking a heart.

The next time you feel like doing something unprincipled in your eyes, slow down and ask yourself- “will I be happy about it when I sit down tonight and read about this deed in a newspaper?” If the answer is no, don’t do it …. and you will have found the true meaning of happiness.


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