The importance of integrity

There are basically three kinds of people in life. The unsuccessful, the temporarily successful, and then those who become and remain successful. The difference between them is integrity in character. And integrity is not temporal. It is not situational. Integrity in character is a state of mind. It is choosing to do the right thing over what is convenient and to keep doing it over and over again every time a decision is made. It is the definition of who you are and what you believe in. And in the game of business as in the game of life, there are no exceptions to honesty and integrity.

The North Star is the brightest start in the Ursa Minoris constellation. No matter the month, no matter the season, North star holds nearly still, pointing to the north and leading the way to so many a weary traveller and so many a lost ship. Integrity in character is the North star of life, stopping an individual, stopping a company from wandering off course and losing their way.

We in the HR class are taught that the most legitimate and productive leadership is ethical. Companies, clients, co-workers, stakeholders, communities, families, people want leaders they can trust. Integrity of character makes you trustworthy.

I am a Physicist. Math is the language of my subject. And in this equation of life, where we continually try to maximise our RHS, we need to remember that when we choose the right constants, the right variables follow.

Integrity is that right constant.

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  1. Sujata 10 months ago

    Wise words.

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