The First Post

The desire to say something, to express one’s thoughts, one’s views, has been common to man right since his inception. I, for one, am guilty of the very same desire & lucky too, to have a platform ready to host my words. For this, I thank & its founder Mr. Niral Sura for giving me his undying support, both in the form of friendship & this website, without whom, would have been just an idea. What started off as a simple evening discussion, has taken such a beautiful shape – all thanks to him and his team.

I cannot say if this endeavour will do justice to the vast and unfathomable standards of the English literature or if it will even remotely touch the chords of the reader’s heart. But what I am sure of – is my hope – of a place where you can come and discuss about the happenings of life that sometimes miss our inward eye. Isn’t that what a New Beginning is all about…hope & faith…? I welcome you & pray that you keep coming back. On behalf of, I begin with just 2 words…”Hello World”


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