The Butterfly & The Bluebird


On a beautiful, spring day an elegant Bluebird gracefully embraced the sky.  With arrogance and purpose he soared through the forest searching for his next adventure or prey.  As he descended he ventured into a clearing and in the meadow, which extended out before him, he saw a glowing presence.  Curious, he swayed and spiraled ever closer to the illumination.  The vision took the shape of a man, but not in any sense he had ever seen before.   In a gesture of beckoning, the figure welcomed the Bluebird to come rest upon his arm.  With some trepidation the Bluebird approached and realized this was no ordinary man.  Then a very strange event occurred.  The Bluebird heard in his mind the words the man embellished without speaking.

“Come rest with me awhile,” the voice compelled.

Intrigued, the Bluebird came to rest bravely upon the arm of the apparition.  Within moments the Bluebird felt a sense of peace he had never known.

“You are one of the most incredible creatures in the forest,” proclaimed the voice.  “Do you realize there are societies of people who seek a glimpse of you?  They search and study and if they are successful in their quest, they experience, for just a brief moment, awe in your sighting.”

With pride the breast of the Bluebird began to swell.

“You are truly magnificent.”

Just then, in the distance a Butterfly approached.  She was blue as well, with her wings and body etched in black.  Awkwardly she fluttered, never making headway in a straight line.  To and fro she ambled, until finally she came to rest upon the apparition’s opposite arm.

“Hello Butterfly,” greeted the voice.

A sense of resentment befell the Bluebird at the Butterfly’s interruption.  Then the Bluebird discovered his thoughts became words against his will.

“Excuse me Butterfly, do you not see that we are in the middle of a conversation here?” the Bluebird remarked.

The apparition began to chuckle.

Gently the ebb and flow of the Butterfly’s wings became stillness.

“You would make a great meal,” the Bluebird found himself saying.

“Hmm…” said the apparition, with His eyebrows raised.

“Why shouldn’t I eat her, she is useless,” exclaimed the Bluebird.

“Do you not recognize this Butterfly?  Don’t you see this scar upon her back?  You have already attempted to cause this Butterfly’s demise.  When she was a caterpillar you once attempted to feed upon her, but you were distracted and she got away, “ the apparition explained, to elucidate the Bluebird.

The Bluebird did not respond.

“You need to leave this Butterfly alone, let her be.  Or at the very least treat her with respect.   I have plans for this one,” the apparition elaborated.

With feigned grace the Butterfly took flight and wavered in front of the apparition, delicately grazing the apparition’s nose.  Slowly, she began to move away in the direction she had come.

“She can’t fly, she doesn’t hunt and I really don’t see any great purpose for her existence,” the Bluebird argued.

The apparition just smiled and with great patience enlightened the Bluebird, “You must remember the old fable…a Butterfly can flap her wings and disrupt enough air to elicit a hurricane three thousand miles away.”


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