The Bat…

For someone who knows me, attempts to know me, or merely talks to me, I can come across as a man of confused inclinations. My likes, as well as dislikes, range over a spectrum so broad that I am sometimes a stranger to my own self. This leads to a personality which is downright eccentric, and with a mind which is being pulled by every known emotion in every possible direction, simultaneously, also borderline crazy. And the desirable order to the merciless chaos of my soul is brought about by a force which resonates much with myself, “Bruce Thomas Wayne”.


My obsession with “the Batman” is apparent and known to people who have only just heard about me. From my car to my shirts, my Universe has always had the symbol of the bat aptly displayed, more for my own self and less for others. You might ask me, “Why him?” or “What do you gain from it?” The answer is “hope”. A hope that there is ‘a man’ out there with issues much like mine. And it is in telling you about this Great force, Bruce Thomas Wayne or his more famous self, Batman that I might be able to walk you and myself through the depths of my mind.


Crazy psycho or insane

Insane as a word may point to an individual who doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong. But the ‘Bat’ does and he is discerning enough to know the difference between the good and the bad. And since he does know this difference and chooses to do what is right and not wrong, then how can he be called a psycho? He chooses to stand up for what is right. More often than not, it brings him to pain both physically and psychologically but he does exactly what is least expected of him. He endures! He is crazy. He is mad. The kind that is definitely needed.


Stare into an abyss long enough and the abyss stares right back at you

The bat is surrounded by creatures who abuse, hurt and cause pain. In order to separate himself from these monsters, he uses logic and reason. He calls them his moral codes and rules. And adherence to them, come what may, is what keeps him sane. Batman is also characterized by his obsession with control. Somebody ought to stop the buck and do what is needed to be done. Batman is that somebody.


A collection of personas

Are Bruce & the Batman different people? Or are they the same? Or are they both a part of a personality much bigger than them? I will go with the third option. These various personalities when brought together might cause eccentricities galore but instil in ‘the Bat’ a sense of authentic conscience with a single embracing moral vision that provides him if not with happiness than definitely with contentment.


Tragedy, will, and discipline

Man is subject to the terrible. But is that only enough to make someone ‘the Batman’? ‘Batman’ is so much more complex and interesting. He doesn’t know himself either. And with the numerous and at times questionable motives combined with an iron-clad will and rock hard discipline, experiences have made the Batman. Experiences which only grow each day and further push him to the suit.


The reason and the end

What might have begun the journey of ‘The Dark Knight’ could have been a personal tragedy but is it still the same loss that keeps him on that path? The purpose that creates a sense of unity for his broken life is the relentless struggle to prevent another ‘Bruce Wayne’. Batman does become a hero who is essentially fighting to make his own existence redundant! To make his city better and thus himself unrequired is the end game of the Batman!


Could you call him a utilitarianist or a deontologist or even a consequentialist? I guess not. The Bat is a character of intelligence and great loyalties. His ethics and morality might come into question…..but his motivations and his actions will never be…


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