On the Birthday of Sir Sandford Fleming

There are various kinds of men that we deal with. Some selfish, some selfless ; some modest while some proud. But of these, the ones that keep my faith in humanity still existent are the ones who care. Not just for themselves, but also for their fellow men.

One example of such a man who lived is of Sir Sandford Fleming. The man, who altered time!

Born on January 7th, 1827, in the UK, Sir Fleming missed his train due to a mistake in the train timetable. Up until then, every region followed its own solar time and thus set up its own clock. But as trains came along, which joined various regions to each other, the varying clocks only led to more and more confusion. And it was this confusion that had made Fleming miss his train!

Not one to let others go through what he had faced, Sir Sandford Fleming, an inventor and an engineer, proposed a unification of time by dividing the world into 24 timezones, beginning at Greenwich. He proposed what we now call the “International Standard Time”.

In 1884, 25 nations adopted Sir Fleming’s proposal and the International Standard Time was accepted which is still being used today, globally!


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