The Theory of Relativity is a rather complicated and huge theory …. about everything! This is an attempt to give it a daily life example with rhyme :p

Babuta a five-year-old kiddo,
Played with everything that he found.
Once started throwing pebbles,
Into the sky from the ground.

His uncle sitting on the porch,
Saw the pebbles go straight up high.
Not moving horizontally at all,
They flew vertically to the sky.

A biker riding at constant speed,
Saw this event in a different light.
The pebble moved up but curved towards him,
Both vertical and horizontal flight!

The uncle, a physics major,
Biker’s constant speed had known.
Could actually calculate what the biker would see,
And on a paper had shown.

How did he ever do it?
How did he ever find?
Did he have magical powers?
Or could he read minds?

The biker, you see, was moving,
To where Babuta play.
And so his motion made it seem,
That the pebble curved away!

The biker moved at constant speed,
From where the uncle was.
And thus both were inertial frames,
And obeyed the same laws!

All that the uncle did,
Was know the equations correct.
Substitute the right values,
And the answer was direct!

The Special Theory of Relativity,
Indeed special it was!
“All inertial frames in the universe “, it said,
“Would obey the same laws…”


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