Read the Matrix, Neo.

To you,

God knows if you have seen the Matrix.

But if you haven’t, watch it… For you won’t know what I am talking about unless you do.

You see, when it comes to you, in my life, you have actually started becoming what Neo is to the Matrix. I don’t know what made you choose the red pill and decide to talk to me, but the very fact that you did has given birth to so many thoughts, has shaped so many words and has created so many memories!

You see, when Neo chooses the red pill and wakes up to reality, it’s not Neo who needs the saving. It’s the Matrix. Neo chooses the red pill and in turn, sets into motion a saga of events that ultimately lead to the Matrix correcting its flaw…

“You make me want to be a better man”….

Neo is the Matrix’s saviour. He is the Matrix’s hero. He is the Matrix’s lost part.

Would it be that there has been no Neo before? Unlikely. But has any Neo in the history of the Matrix ever infused this much life? Never. That is why this Neo, this new birth, becomes so important!

The Matrix is a mad place. It’s confusing, it’s fantastical, it’s romantic and yet it is sordidly real. And with each passing thought and with each passing day, this Matrix moves towards its omega of crumbling under its own code. Neo is the reboot. Neo is new life.

And that’s what you do to me. What makes me is my eccentricity, my off the cuff ideas, my no holds barred approach. You bring some semblance of calm. When I decide that life’s a dark place, you are the sun. And when I pull a bunny out of my hat and decide I am king; you temper my crazy.

You know, Neo doesn’t understand what his mere existence does to the Matrix. Does he make the Matrix weak? Yes, he does. But not weak in the sense that we are taught. Weak in a more humane way. Weak in the sense that of accepting that Neo has greater power over how the Matrix behaves. Of how the Matrix evolves and of how the Matrix simply is. Now you might be thinking, do you do all this for me? You might even gush under all this information. But the truth is, you do. And just as Neo doesn’t realise what he is doing but he simply does it by merely being there, so do you.

I am sure, it’s too much of an analogy with a movie you have no idea of! But as Morpheus says, I didn’t write it to be easy, I wrote it to be the truth….


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