Let Me Touch Your Hand

Let me touch your hand one time
Just as you’ve touched my heart
Let me feel the warmth of you
Before we have to part

Hold my hand and let my spirit
Soar into the sky
Let me look with grace into
The deepness of your eye

Allow my senses just one glance
Into the inner you
The pool of life’s contentment
The self, the heart, the true

Then hold my spirit gently
Like a petal soft and light
Feather me with wings of gold
So we as one take flight

Breath my essence, touch my mind
Delve deep into my want
Wrap your dreams around the flow
Of adoration’s font

Carry me on moonbeam trails
To places far and high
Let me touch the sparkling star
That glitters in my eye

So warmly have you written words
Into the shifting sands
Before the tide comes rushing in
Please let me touch your hand


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