Just You !

Relentlessly, my heart beats faster,
Could it be a phobia?
This feeling, I get on seeing you,
I think it is euphoria!

Forever, I want this feeling to last,
This experience, it seems so bright…
If beauty was ever a shining star,
Then, you, gorgeous, would be its light!

All my life’s darkness is illuminated,
Just by looking at your sweet smile,
Gazing at you, how long has it been?
I believe it’s been, quite a while.

No longer, I can stay, with you so away,
I am craving and waiting for you to be mine,
No one can come, even remotely close,
To, my lady, your unrivalled shine…!

From you, all that I covet, and all that I want,
Is but just one, single, look,
To read my emotions, to know how I feel,
For you, I am, an open book…

Keep you happy, I promise, I will leave you not,
Not now, not today, not tomorrow, not ever…
Hold me, trust me, and love me too,
And make me yours, forever and ever..!


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