Incredible India – A Paradox !


This poetry was written by me exactly 7 years ago when I felt more patriotic & less nationalistic. Times haven’t changed much & neither has my belief.
We have come a long way but there is still a long journey, yet to be travelled… The words below are not enumerating the problems of India to make one sad, but it is written with a hope that one day, and I hope it comes soon, we end them all and then say, without a doubt, ours is an “Incredible India”!


So many problems, so less a time,
Need to do something, to clean away the grime.
Three-fourths of the population is as yet benighted,
The rest though literate, have yet to be enlightened.
It is due to this illiteracy, that poverty is growing in sizes,
People are starving to death and a greater problem arises…


Men folk in poverty, beg on the streets.
Women illiterate, rendered effete.
Children are starving, they are weeping to death.
Everyone is trying to rob the other of his breath.
Such is the apathy , that children as young as four,
Are made to work at signals and do the daily chore!


But the ‘NETAS’ remain unperturbed, with deaf ears and closed eyes,
Just creating policies and rendering cheap advice.
Unknown of the problems, that the people are undergoing,
The attitude of the overseer, every moment, keeps on lowing.
All the abound number of ‘NETAS’, that my country resides,
Have just one bonafide effort, to earn money and increase ties…


Many in this chaos, have died and many, shall still expire,
What cruelty has been done! What has become of my shire!
Such impecunious, such indigent, such impoverished INDIA,
What an irony, indeed a paradox, they call it


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