Happy Birthday Ryan Reynolds !

Mancrush: An intense infatuation of one straight man for another.

For a straight single Indian male, approaching his 30s and living a 9 to 9 job, it becomes rather tiring to answer “When is the marriage?!” question. Club that up with a deep-rooted love for a male celebrity, and you are definitely inviting trouble! AND when you are infatuating like a 16-year old for not one but TWO male celebrities … :o… raised eyebrows galore!

Welcome to my life.

Right from when I first saw him sing, I have had the hugest man-crush for Adam Levine.


For those uninitiated, he is the lead singer for the hit band Maroon 5 and gosh the most good looking! … Well, almost…. The reason of today’s post, though, is not Adam Levine but the other guy who has my heart in a tumble and whom I consider to be even more good-looking than the most handsome Adam Levine!

Ryan Reynolds!

I developed this huge man-crush for Ryan Reynolds when I first saw him in the super huge flop ‘Green Lantern’.


Although he had made a mark in Hollywood long before that, but, ‘Boltneck’ is hardly the kind of movie you’d expect me to watch :p
The long college boy face, quirky & honest eyes and pitch-perfect comic timing, Reynolds is the kind of man every person would desire! And after Deadpool, as a dear friend rightly says,

“Everyone fangirls over him!”

RR smile

An ace actor, successful producer, owner of a booming liquor business (Aviation gin), father to 2 amazingly cute kids and husband to a very beautiful wife… Reynolds is the kind of guy every guy wants to be! And have you seen his twitter game?! How can one not love this guy!

RR Love

So today on his birthday, when he turns 42 (he so looks in his 30s still, no?!) I dedicate this post to the guy, I (and half the world) absolutely love!
May we have more of his movies, more of his twitter posts and just so much more of him ….

RR Bday


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