Happiness is a state of mind

We as a whole need to live more joyful lives, yet bliss isn’t something that is procured through getting what you need. Bliss is something that we make.

Feeling glad is a decision that we decide to make each day. In simply a similar way, feeling despondent is additionally a decision we get the chance to make each day too!

While some days don’t warrant sentiments of bliss, in the event that we wind up constantly picking misery for quite a while, in the long run, we may end up driving an existence that is unfulfilling and unrewarding.

Fortunately every one of us can make joy in our lives regardless of what circumstance we are in.

We only need to believe in…

“Happiness is a state of mind”

She might be so much prettier
He might have so much more joy
His replies might always seem wittier
They might never seem coy

His percentages could be better
They could always have their say
The most brilliant might await her
She might have greater pay

You might find yourself defeated
Lost in this circle of life
Or feel rather mistreated
And life with failure is rife

Things might seem most wayward
With everything out of place
No joy when all is favoured
Against you in so many ways

Remember, it never is easy
When everything makes you cry
To smile even if you are queasy
And laugh though you have to try

But simple is the secret to bliss
Life will never be kind
Sadness might surround you, but,
Happiness is a state of mind


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