Born in 1990, I have certainly reached an age where I have seen quite a bit of life and quite a bit of people too. But if there is one thing that I haven’t well been able to bend my mind around, it is the new-age lingo. While I am was (got to keep reminding myself of this :p) in a classroom as a teacher, and while I am now, as a student, the FYIs and the FMLs and the AFAIKs just never did appeal to me. From when I am and from where I am, words have a charm to them. And abbreviating them in a manner as WTF!, seems…. just unearthly to me.

But off late, when I am with my “peers”, care to remind you that I am a 29-year-old guy in a class dominated by 22-year olds, the FOMO trend has caught my eye and my mind. The Fear Of Missing Out, they call it.

Think of the last time you were sitting at home and saw an Instagram update from friends at work or college posting that they were out partying. WITHOUT YOU!! All the inside jokes! All the gossips! All the fun that they’d have! WITHOUT YOU!! Know the feeling, right? That’s FOMO…. Its FOMO when you need to check your texts while driving. Its FOMO when you check your twitter stream while a lecture is on. Its FOMO when you feel you are losing out by not being “IN”.

The feeling of loss of potential bliss, thus, far outweighs the gain of actual joy. And that is a cause of concern, isn’t it?

A study conducted by Carleton and McGill University claims that young adults are far more susceptible to this feeling of being left out. To such an extent that it can cause serious anxiety and depression issues! All because some people were doing something that you were not. And technology is only making it worse. Social media, multiplayer games, Instant Messaging… all are centred around this impulse control problem that humans have. We constantly need to check whether something more important awaits us!

And are you actually Missing Out when you reel with FOMO? The answer is YES! You are Missing Out, on right now, when you choose to check your phone on a date. You are Missing Out, on today, when you think of the fun others will have when they go out without you.

A big dream or a short nap, when you choose to abandon your wishes, and say yes when you wanted to say no, just out of the Fear Of Missing Out, you are definitely Missing Out…




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