Democracy – A Worship

Its the day of elections and every vote counts. Here is a poetry that I hope encourages those few who don’t go to vote. Its in your hands to deliver this country to a bright future.

Democracy even in its vaguest forms,
can show its existence in a country,
For it is not a term, nor a government,
its the feeling of one’s liberty.

A feeling that cannot be purchased in the markets,
it cannot be taught in schools,
It cannot be memorized like an essay,
it cannot be made with tools.

It is the belief of an individual,
that he is the master of his life,
He is at the helm for his country’s future,
He is responsible for its great pride.

It is the faith of a person,
in the governance of his nation,
To his country, his mother,
it is the oath of acceptation.

Of the trust one has in his people,
in their hands lay his country’s fate,
And what so ever may come against them,
their love would never fade.

Such is the belief of democracy,
less a government, more of worship,
Where everyone is the leader of his country,
there is no specific leadership.

But Alas! in recent times,
what is left is just hypocrisy,
Under the pretext of this,
‘Government of the people,for the people,by the people’,
What rests is treacherous AUTOCRACY……….


It thus is our turn to change things…. Please Vote !


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