Better Half


Sometimes due to various unexpected, unforeseen, unreasonable & rather unfortunate circumstances, we find ourselves away from something or someone that makes us better…that which makes us whole. But should we lose hope ? Or shouldn’t we?


I am a bum sitting on a bench,
And you are someone sparing change.
Sharing what you have, with me,
Landing hope in the exchange…

I am a plant in a concrete jungle,
And you are my bright shining sun.
Feeling cold without you,
As if the night has come…

I am a child sitting in a lecture,
And you are my final bell.
Longing to hear your voice,
And assure me everything is well…

I am a nomad in a desert,
And you are my guiding star.
With you in the night, I am all right,
I am lost, when you are afar…

I feel as I have been halved,
And you make up the rest.
I await the day, when you are with me,
So I can be at my best…


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