An ode to galaxy

At times, when I don’t feel like writing about life or love or anything worthwhile under the sun, I end up writing my rants in rhyme :p
Might seem unworldy to people who have not used a Samsung device before. But those who have, just might concur :p
Old Mr Trivedi, a gullible man found,
A NOTE in the GALAXY: you might have seen one around.
Switched on the phone, it was slower than a tree,
Diseased by CRAPSUNG, it had no RAM free!
Opened a game, it was laggy and slow,
Such a sad mobile, one could only throw!!!
It’s when he found PIXEL, his saviour in disguise!
Saved his sanity, from an early demise..
No more hangings ! No more lags !
No more blackouts ! No anxiety attacks !!!
And so Mr.Trivedi is beaming, full of gloat,
Now wasn’t that obvious, by this poem he wrote ??!

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