A rhyme for you.

It’s been a while since I have rhymed. This one is a just a little something I wrote. 


If I could, I would,
Come down to you.
And hold you close,
Give you a hug.

And maybe go,
To a sea-side deli,
Have a little,
Romantic lunch.

If I could, I would,
Then watch a film.
The new one is good,
I have heard them say.

And maybe get touchy,
You know how it goes,
How movies are watched,
In romantic ways 😉

If I could, I would,
Then treat you to,
An ice cream on
An evening stroll.

And maybe hold,
Your soft hands.
Eating scoops
And Swiss rolls….

If I could, I would,
Just tell you how,
Obsessed I am,
With all your ways.

But as I can’t,
I will just rest…
With writing you,
This rhyme today.





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