A New Beginning…

Somewhere between Shakespeare and Milton and Tolstoy and Frost, the English that we speak was born. Beautiful, elegant and precise, this is, what children are taught to speak. ‘ Yo ’ is not a word, ‘ LMAO ’ is absolutely alien and ‘ bro ’ is considered slang!

As the years pass by, a child’s English evolves and how! Unfortunately, it leaves the ones who speak ‘ English of the old ’, to the tender mercies of the modern day youth, which is bullish, selfish and proud. No matter what the ‘ oldies ’ speak, it either becomes a joke or a very profane comment. Articles are rendered effete and with each passing moment, they feel more and more out of company.
It is thus that I decided to dedicate a few of my earnest words to young men and women who make a mockery out of the ‘ oldies’ ’ language.

You see, from where our English comes and from WHEN our English comes, ‘ madam ’ is considered respectful, ‘ mate ’ is used in Australia, ‘ dude ’ is considered offensive and ‘ my love ’ is still romantic!
A simplistic phrase ‘you got me’ denotes understanding and ‘ how do you do ’ is not a question!
Why, from WHEN our English comes, ‘ oh boy ’ is used to show surprise, ‘ being gay ’ is being happy and ‘toilet’ is a much profound ‘lavatory’ …

It extends to way of life too! A girl is always chaperoned, a father is asked before courting his daughter and talking with your mouth full is utterly obnoxious!

Obviously, after reading this, one might comment “WTF dude, like I care !”

To this, care you should!

For your words, they make your thoughts, your thoughts make your personality, your personality makes your character and your character ultimately makes you!

I wouldn’t say the new English is bad. Any language is beautiful as it is made by thousands of beating hearts together! (Obvious hyperbole :p)

But when the oldies can get a little ‘funky’ and understand our words and feelings, why can’t we get a bit ‘ earnest ’ and understand their emotions?

Once we start doing that, we will realise,
I beg to differ ” and ” you talk shit ” might convey the same feeling of revolt but both lie on opposite sides of the respect spectrum!
Evolution is good, it is necessary! But with it, human qualities too should evolve! New English with New vigour, New hope and New love will definitely start a new beginning for us … isn’t that what all of us need….?

A new but better beginning ?!

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  1. A 4 years ago

    Wonderful beginning

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